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Posted on 26th October 2016 in Industrial Services by

Didn’t you always secretly know that the smell being emitted from the toilet after a Dad marathon sitting session should be able to be put to some good use, well it can be with biogas generators. This is a source of renewable power that can be obtained through the decomposition of biological substances such as manure and plant matter and at the end of the process there is methane gas just waiting to be used.

What a simple perfect solution to all the waste disposal that goes on, instead of throwing the vegetable scraps away, put them in the decomposition tank of the biogas generator, your poop and everyone else’s can go in there as well, you can tell everyone that your biological functions are helping to decrease your carbon footprint and that your butt may one day save the planet. No longer will the missus be able to complain about the stench leaking into the rest of the house form your latest toilet visit because you are literally helping to power the house and save on electricity bills.

There are a lot of governments all over the world putting money into research to have a look at the viability of having these type of generators as a going concern for future power sources and as of yet there are not many homes being powered by one of these energy resources. They rely on a complex system of decomposition and bacteria to get the end result of methane and as many of the bacteria have different living conditions it can be difficult to get it just right when trying to set this up for the private home. It requires precision and a great deal of knowledge of the different processes, some people will already have something similar that they have had installed and that is a big underground tank that all their bodily wastes get dumped into and never has to be emptied because of the bacterial decomposition that goes on. They may however every now again adjust the conditions that the bacteria live on otherwise the specific bacteria die off and the process ceases or becomes extremely unhealthy.

Not that I would recommending diving into a septic tank cleaning, not good for you, the unhealthy process here is the bacteria death, if this occurs you have to put a supplement in to feed the tank and get the natural process started again, it is almost like a breeding program going on down there, not enough and the system falls apart, the same if there are too many bacteria, it is not sustainable. Basically the requirement for the system to stay healthy is to have enough urine and faeces to keep them all nice and happy, they require you to remain regular so they can remain regular it is a symbiotic relationship, your poop is their prosperity.