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Factors To Be Offered By Hotel Owners To Impress Their Guests

Posted on 3rd December 2015 in Industrial services & Equipment by

Hotel industry is undergoing a lot of innovations with treetop rooms, underwater rooms and so on. Despite so many changes in the design, the guests visiting the hotels expect some minimum requirements which can make an impression on them.
Clean restroomsThe second most important area is the restrooms. Very clean and odorless restrooms give a good image about the hotel. The guests are put off when they enter restrooms that smell and look dirty. Though this is the most difficult area to maintain, proper waste disposal routine can help in achieving a clean and hygienic bathroom. Separate dustbins to dispose plastic and green waste must be provided. Also, proper accessories like liquid soap, hand dryer and tissue and so on gets extra points in terms of good hotel.
Well maintained roomsThe guest rooms must not give a dingy feeling. It must be properly ventilated with good odor free ambience. Make sure that the beddings are comfortable and the sheets are changed as and when a guest checks out. It is also very essential to clear off the bed bugs and other such insects by taking a pest control contract. Ensure that there are dustbins placed in every room and also proper waste disposal is done on an everyday basis. Basic facilities like lighting, air conditioner, fans, and heaters and so on must be in working condition. You can also check this link for great waste disposal.
Impressive LobbyThe lobby of any hotel gives the first impression to any visitor. It has to be attractively designed to lure the attention of the visitors. Also, maintenance of a dust free lobby is another major aspect. The lobby is often prone to dust and dirt. Make sure that there is staff to regularly dust the furniture and other accessories beautifully arranged in the lobby.
AccessoriesThe towels and other toiletries’ like soap, paste, and toothbrush and so on are often provided as complimentary items by most of the hotels. This makes the travel easy and convenient for the guest. Ensure that there is a proper laundry system such that the towels look clean and also well maintained. Good quality of towels and linens must be used as these are used for personal hygiene, see this rubbish collection.
AmenitiesLast but not the least, in order to attract more crowds the hotel must provide for other amenities like gym, swimming pool, and play area for kids and so on. As such areas are commonly used by the entire guest, these should be maintained well. Frequent cleaning of them with disinfectant gives great impressions on the minds of the guests.
Clean rooms give a great ambience and provides for repetitive guests to your hotel.