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All About Bins Used To Dispose Waste

Posted on 29th September 2015 in Industrial services & Equipment by

Waste and different types of litter need to be disposed off in a responsible and careful manner such that it does not pollute the surroundings and cause a nuisance and hindrance to the people. For the disposal of waste such as from a construction site, demolition site or building to a landfill site or to be recycled, a container or dumpster is required.

The bin that is used to dispose waste

A skip bin is a dumpster that is open on the top and large enough to carry waste and is designed in such a way such that it can be easily loaded onto a special type of truck or lorry instead of the bin being emptied into a garbage truck. The skip can be carried to the skip site via the lorry and be emptied or replaced by an empty skip bin at the construction site.

A major point in favour of using these bins is that they can be hired from agencies or hiring companies as per the need and for the required duration as well as desired size or weight. Most of these skip bin hire companies offer competitive rates along with pick and drop facilities for the skip bins thus making it a wise choice to hire a bin instead of purchasing one. Visit this link for more information regarding skip bin hire in Melbourne.

While going for skip bin hire you need to choose the right service to get the maximum usage.

Skip bins are a favourable option since they have the advantage that they can be carried easily to the dumping site or landfill instead of unloading it into another garbage truck. This reduces the need for equipment to unload the bin into the garbage truck and also reduces any unwanted litter while unloading the bin since the skip bin gets unloaded directly at the landfill site. Also there are a number of sizes of skip bins that can be chosen depending on the amount of wastage and the requirement. Additionally skip bins are constructed in such a manner that they can endure as well as resist rough handling by construction site workers, labourers as well as tradesmen.

A skip bin is so called because it came from the Late Old English word “skep” which meant basket. The skip bin looks like a basket as it has a distinctive trapezoid shape which has a longitudinal cross section. The ends of the skip bin have a slanting wall or a sloping floor. Along with that there are two lugs at each of the ends of the bin to facilitate chains to be attached to it such that it can be lifted onto a truck along with its contents and can be lifted off just as easily. The truck or lorry that carries the skip bin is also specially designed with a crane like mechanism to load the bin off and on to the carrier.